Mixed selection of popular vegetarian starters consisting of 2 samosa, 2 aloo tikki, 2 spring rolls & 2 paneer pakora £12.95
Onions deep frie in a spicy batter £4.95
LeFreshly made indian semi-soft cubed of cheese stuffed with mint sause & dipped in chick pea batter then deep fry £4.95
Potatoes & onions mixed in a spicy batter, deep fried with spinach £4.45
A single samosa topped with fresh yogurt, cucumbers, tomato, chickpea, coriander & masala £4.45
Samosa served with imly chutney £3.95
Crispy flour chips with puffed rice topped with tomato, potato, onions, garlic, coriander & sweet chutney with yogurt £4.45
An enticing combination of lentil dumplings, savory crisps and chickpea salad topped with fruity tamarind sause & sweet yogurt £4.95
Crispy full pastry shells filled with potatoes & chickpeas served with a tangy mint & tamarind water £3.95
Potato & vegetable patties blended with spices & deep fried £4.45
Cassave & yucca, green chilli sauteed with onion, capsicum, ginger & spices. An african delicacy. £4.95
Cubes of freshly made indian soft cheese with onion & capsicum £7.95
Electic mix of crispies, sweet, tart sauces, special herbs & spices £4.45
Just fried mogo plain or with pepper £3.95
Cubes of soft indian cheese pan fried with chilli & capsicum £8.95


Traditional assortment of grilled meats £15.95
Skewered cubes of boneless chicken marinated ion cream & cooked in a tandoor £7.95
Lamb chops marinated in fresh ginger, garlic, lemon juice & our special tandoori spices £9.95
Half a spring chicken marinated in a secret tandoori masala & barbecued in the tandoor £6.95
A full spring chicken marinated in a secret tandoori masala & barbecued in the tandoor £8.95
Spiced minced chicken wrapped around skewers & cooked in the tandoor £6.95
spiced and marinated minced lamb wrapped around skewers and cooked in the tandoor £6.95
Chicken wings marinated with tandoori spices lightly battered & fried £6.95
Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated & cooked in the tandoor-a favourite £7.95
Chicken pieces cooked with cumin seeds, garlic, ginger and special spices £7.95
Chicken wings cooked in a tanddor & spiced with chefs specila masala £7.95
Ctrips of chicken dipped in gram flour with cooked special spices £7.95


Prawns marinated & spiced then cooked on skewers £12.95
Ajwain flavoured mildly spiced then fried £9.95
lightly fried puffed bread with spiced prawns £5.95


prawns cooked in a thick tomato, onion and butter sauce £12.95
ginger & garlic marinated tiger prawns cooked with chopped onion, tomato, coriander and curry leaves £12.95
marinated grilled pieces offish cooked in a delicious blend of creamed tomato, masala sauce and special herbs and spices £9.95
prawns cooked in light gravy with fresh ground spices £12.95


spinach cooked with fresh cubes of potato, herbs and mild spices £6.95
fresh fenugreek and potatoes £6.95
aubergine and potatoes £6.95
cauliflower and potatoes sautéed with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices £6.95
charvilled aubergine cooked with fresh tomatoes and peas in typical punjabi style £6.95
fresh okra cooked in onion, tomato, ginger and garlic with mild spices topped with coriander £7.95
potatoes cooked with spices, garlic, ginger and cumin seeds £6.95
yogurt based curry with chickpea flour and onion fritters £6.95
daal fried mixed lentils, cumin and fresh coriander £6.95
cubes of fresh indian soft cheese pan fried with peas £8.45
soft potato and cheese dumplings cooked in an almond butter cream sauce £8.95
Soft indian cottage cheese with capsicum, onion & tomato £8.45
Crispy fried bitter melon served over traditional gravy £7.95
Onions, tomatoes, garlic sauteed an poured over yellow lentils £6.45
Mushroom sauteed with onions and spices £6.95
Paneer tikka cooked in butter, coriander, tomato and ginger sause £9.95
Black lentils with spices finished with clarified butter £6.45
Seasonal vegetables cooked in a smooth creamy sauce topped with cashews and raisins £6.45
Spinach cooked with soft indian cheese £8.95
Spinach cooked with soft indian cheese & cream £8.95
Seasonal vegetables with mild spices pan fried with a medium base £6.45
Fresh spinach cooked in asian spices with tomato, capsicum & onions £6.95
Soft indian cheese cooked in spices with almonds & cream for a buttery smooth finish £8.95
Soft indian cottage cheese pan fried with peas & spices £8.95
Chick peas cooked with ginger, garlic & spices £6.95
Potatoes with peas & turmeric, herbs & spices £6.95
Potatoes pan fried with spices for a dry curry £6.95


Succulent chicken in a mildly spiced cream sauce £8.95
Chicken fried in a buttre sauce with indian spices & cream garnished with almond & coconut £8.95
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in butter, coriander, tomato & ginger-a poppular dish £8.95
Chicken cubes marinated with roasted cumin seeds, spices and ground black pepper £8.95
Chicken cooked in a light gravy with fresh ground spices £8.95
North western & himalayan speciality-diced chicken cooked with nothern spices & herbs in a traditional style £8.95
Diced chicken cooked with green chillies, spices & herbs in a traditional style £8.95
Chicken tikka grilled in tandoor & cooked with creamy tomato sauce £8.95
Chicken cooked with fresh spinach, herbs & spices £8.95
Pieces of boneless chicken cooked with fenugreek & spices £8.95
Traditional homemade chicken curry recipe with herbs & spices £8.95
Boiled egg cooked in a onion & tomato gravy £8.95
Cooked with garlic, herbs & spices £8.95
Chicken cooked with lentils, herbs & spices £8.95
Chicken cooked with achar & special spices £8.95
Cooked with capsicum sliced onions & special spices £8.95


cubes of lambs leg de-boned, cooked in mild seasoned onions & tomato gravy £9.95
lamb cooked in chef special spice blend with a touch of ginger & garlic £9.95
tender pieces of lamb with fresh garlic, ginger, onions, tomato & selected indian spices cooked in a very hot pan £9.95
tender chunks of lambs in a cream of spinach £9.95
lamb cooked with south indian spices in a coconut based curry £9.95

mouth watering minced lamb with indian herbs & spices garnished with coriander
Bone-in lamb shank cooked overnight on low heat with curry spices £12.95
Lamb cooked with lentils, herbs & spices £9.95
Cooked with capcium sliced onions & special spices £9.95
Succulent lamb in a mildly spiced cream sause £9.95
Lamb cooked with achar & special spices £9.95


Aromatic basmati rice cooked with assorted seasonal vegetables, herbs & spices topped with nuts £7.95
Aromatic basmati rice cooked with pieces of chicken, herbs & spices topped with nuts £9.95
Aromatic basmati rice cooked with tender lamb, herbs & spices topped with nuts £9.95
Basmati rice steamed with light spices £3.95
Rice Cooked with cumin £3.95
Rice Cooked with cumin £5.95
Plain steamed basmati rice £3.00
Rice fried with egg & onion £3.95
Rice cooked with mushrooms £3.95
Freshly made yogurt £2.00
Freshly made yogurt with cucumber, onions, tomatoes, masala, spices & mint £2.50


Naan stuffed with garlic & coriander £2.25
Naan stuffed with garlic & Chilli £2.50
Naan stuffed with cashews & raisins £2.50
Naan stuffed with cheese £2.95
Naan sprinkled with fresh onions & light spices £2.95
Nnan stuffed with chilli flakes & light spices £2.50
Naan stuffed with minced lamb & light spices £3.45
Buttered leavened bread £1.95
Thin whole wheat bread baked on a griddle £1.50
Very thin mixed flour backed on a griddle, folded like a handkerchief £3.00
Whole wheat baked bread baked in the tandoor then brushed with butter £1.95
Speciality of punjab-kneaded corn flour cooked in ghee over griddle until golden berown, brushed with a thin layer of butter £2.00
All time favourite bread from punjab made from a mix of whole grain and wheat flour £2.00
Multi-layered dread stuffed with spiced potatoes £3.50
Multi-layered bread stuffed with spiced mooli £3.50
Whole wheat multi-layered bread encrusted with butter £2.50
Multi-layered bread stuffed cauliflower £3.50
Crispy crumbly indian savouru made from fine wheat flour & milk £2.45
Whole wheat bread stuffed with fenugreek leaves & spices £3.50
Whole wheat bread stuffer with indian soft cheese £3.50
Leavened bread with stuffing of your choice: vegetable or potato £2.45
Thin deep fried puffed bread £2.00
Deep fried puffed bread £2.00


Warm donut balls in sugar syrup £2.50
Assorted Flavours £2.50
Rice milk ice cream with deep flavour £2.50
Soft indian cheese poached in sugar milk served with nuts £2.50
Fresh Carrot cooked in milk & ghee then reduced for an intence flour-mixed with nuts £2.50
Rich milk rice cream slow frozen & served in a clay pot £3.95

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